Topics of Conference Work:

  • Formal Models for Turkic Languages
  • National Localization and Terminology
  • Electronic Corpora of Turkic Languages
  • Morphological and Syntactic Processing of Natural Language Text
  • Speech Recognition and Synthesis
  • Semantic Text Processing
  • Machine Translation
  • Intelligent Systems and Technologies for Turkic Languages Learning
  • Linguistic Ontologies for Turkic Languages

The conference agenda includes plenary sessions, round table discussions and presentations of software systems.

As part of the conference, a regular UniTurk seminar on Unification of Grammatical Annotation Systems in the Electronic Corpora of Turkic Languages will be held.

All the papers that are accepted for presentation on the conference after their reviewing, will be published in the Conference Proceedings and on the Conference website:

The best papers selected by reviewers will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Conference working languages are English, Russian and Tatar.